Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine/

L’association canadienne de la médecine des animaux de laboratoire


Director - Sponsorship

Three year term, renewable once.  Elected position.


(a)           Prepare report for Board meetings.  This report is to include an update on all action points assigned to the Director at previous Board meetings.

(b)          Circulate the report to all Board members to be received by them at least one week prior to the meeting.

(c)           Attend Board meetings.

2.      GENERAL

·      Perform tasks as assigned by the Board.

·      Submit/recruit submission of at least 1 article for Interface annually.

3.      Sponsorship Duties

  • Director will be assigned responsibilities for communications with CALAM/ACMAL sponsors during their term
  • Director will continually cultivate suggestions for new sponsors from CALAM members
  • October/November
    • assess and revise terms of sponsorship
    • send out call for sponsorship
  • January/February
    • follow-up personally with sponsors no response
  • March/April
    • send out thank-you letters acknowledging sponsors at specific level of commitment

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