Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine/

L’association canadienne de la médecine des animaux de laboratoire



One year term, elected position.  Succeeded by one year as President and one year as Past-President.


(a)           Conduct the salary survey every third year

(b)          October/November of evaluation years liaise with BOD to see if they want to make any changes to the survey questionnaire

(c)           November/December - Contact Statistician to see if he/she will tabulate the results and prepare the report

·         Update questionnaire

·         Ensure that all dates refer to the current year of the survey

·         Ensure that the date (March 31) by which the questionnaires must be returned to the statistician is PROMINENT

·       Prepare a cover letter to be attached to the salary survey questionnaire In January

·       Have Management group send the salary survey questionnaire. Have Management email 2 reminders (2 and 4 weeks before due date at beginning of February).

(d)          In March, contact the statistician regarding the response rate. Let them know how many surveys were sent out. Remind them that we need a report by April 1.

(f)      May – BOD to review draft

(g)     June - Distribute survey report to members at the AGM

·         Include a copy of the report with the August edition of Interface for those members who did not attend the AGM.


(a)    Prepare President-Elect’s Report for BOD meetings.  This report is to include:

·      An update on all action points assigned by the President at previous meetings

·      Summary of new correspondence and activities

(b) Circulate the report to all BOD members, to be received by them at least one week prior to the meeting.

3.      Perform other duties as assigned by President

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