Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine/

L’association canadienne de la m├ędecine des animaux de laboratoire



Plaque + $1,250.00

About this Award

The intent is to recognize outstanding contributions to the Canadian Lab Animal Science Field.

Nomination Must Include 

The nomination letter should include the reasons for the nomination, using the criteria above, a curriculum vitae, and two supporting letters of reference from CALAM/ACMAL members. 


  • CALAM/ACMAL Association and service.
  • Outstanding contributions to the field of Laboratory Animal Medicine. Consideration will be given to innovations or refinements that improve the care and welfare of laboratory animals, advancement of public knowledge or veterinary education with respect to care and use of animals in research, or advances or innovations in facility management or regulatory oversight processes.

CALAM/ACMAL Recipients (Previously Charles River Canada Award):

2018 Denna Benn

2017 Craig Bihun

2016 Andrew Winterborn

2015 Badru Moloo

2014 Richard Renlund

2012 Kathy Delaney

2011 Jim Gourdon

2009 Pat Turner

2008 Gilles Demers

2006 Marilyn Keaney

2005 Geraldine Kent

2003 David Neil

2002 Sarah McLaughlin

2001 Richard Latt

2000 James Wong

1999 James Love

1996 Andrew Fletch

1995 Brenda Cross

1994 Ernest Olfert

1993 Dean Percy

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